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Newsletter No. 5, 10 December 2007


Two weeks to Christmas!

If you need some inspiration for what to buy people for Christmas, we have some great ideas for you ...

Customised greeting cards

NEW THIS MONTH! We have partnered with moo.com to bring you a fantastic way to make customised greeting cards, postcards, note cards and stickers of any picture in our picture library and art competition gallery.

For just £12.98 you can have 10 greeting cards (each with a different picture if you like) delivered to you anywhere in the world. But don't delay if you want to receive them before the 24th: the deadline for UK delivery is 16 December; for Western Europe, 13 December; for anywhere else, sorry the deadline is past - but you could still order note cards for your thank you notes. [Find out more]

Gift ideas for the nostalgic

Last month we launched an online shop in conjunction with Amazon, with a hand-picked selection of books, films, music, games and toys that are likely to appeal to anyone with an interest in the content, ethos or era of Look and Learn. [Visit shop]

The Look and Learn shop

And if you are planning on doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon.co.uk, be sure to start at lookandlearn.com/shop: just by using the Amazon search box, we receive a small commission, at no cost to you, to help us develop and maintain all the free material on the web site.

Fine art prints

Over 1,000 of the most beautiful images in our picture library are available to order as high quality prints in three sizes, on either either paper or canvas, framed or unframed. We have partnered with the Bridgeman Art Library, one of the world’s foremost suppliers of fine art images, to bring you this service, so the finished quality is assured. Prices start at £30 for a 40 x 40cm print. [Find out more]

Bridgeman Art on Demand

Have you ...

The Look and Learn Bumper Book

Cover of The Bumper Book of Look and LearnThe Bumper Book makes a great gift both for children and adults of a certain age. It is big, visually stunning and packed with interesting articles.

As one reviewer put it: “All in all this book is a must have, a great book to dip into, a great resource for creatives seeking visual references, the most palatable aid to homework conceivable and a beautiful book to have on your shelves.”

This is a perfect companion for the magazine: over two thirds of the 256 pages of the Bumper Book do not appear in the 1,152 pages of material to be included in the 48 issues of the magazine. [Find out more]

Look and Learn magazine

Most Christmas presents command attention for just a few hours or less; a magazine subscription lasts a whole year! The second 24 issues in this limited edition of the best of Look and Learn will be published fortnightly throughout 2008. Prices are unchanged (starting at £29.99 for 24 issues or £54.99 for 48 issues delivered in the UK). [Find out more]

If you subscribe to all 48 issues, then the first delivery will include this year's series of 24 issues, a facsimile of the first ever issue of Look and Learn complete with its beautiful Where and When presentation booklet. And if you give a gift subscription of all 48 issues, you will receive a greeting card to send to the recipient.

You might want to consider buying a - rather elegant - binder to keep all your issues neat and tidy. After all these limited edition magazines are likely to become collectible in their own right!

The Children’s Newspaper

We recently added the ability to search the content of all 32,000 pages of The Children’s Newspaper from 1919 to 1962. Not only is this a useful resource for children studying history at any level, it provides a fascinating insight into a hugely important era of modern history: the Second World War, the decline of the British Empire, and great scientific and technological advances. [Find out more]

This is all available for free, but we do offer the complete collection in PDF format on DVD for just £59.99 - which would make a unique present for anyone with a serious interest in British history. [Find out more]

Thank you for your support for Look and Learn, and I wish you a very happy Christmas.

Laurence Heyworth, Publisher

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54 Upper Montagu Street, London W1H 1SL, UK