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Newsletter No. 3, 23 July 2007


The Bumper Book

The most important project on which we have been at work in recent months is The Bumper Book of Look and Learn, a lavishly illustrated tribute to a wonderful magazine. Having seen one of the early copies – the rest are still on the high seas – we can tell you that the book is truly fabulous in every respect, in addition to being bumper in both size (13" by 10" by 1") and length (256 pages), and, be prepared for it, weight.

Cover of The Bumper Book of Look and LearnThe Bumper Book is being published by Century / Random House on 6 September 2007 at a price of £18.99. Please support Look and Learn by pre-ordering a copy of it either from from Century/Random House, Amazon, or your local bookshop.

Picture Library

Underlying The Bumper Book and indeed everything else we do is the Look and Learn Picture Library which continues to grow by over 1,000 images a month. Recently we purchased 40 masterpieces by James E McConnell and Ron Embleton. These are now up on the website for everyone to enjoy.

Image from picture library Image from picture library

Picture Shows

Although there is still a long way to go (Look and Learn owns the rights to about half a million illustrations!), we felt that the Picture Library is now sufficiently extensive to create Picture Shows focusing on the work of individual artists and interesting themes.

The first picture shows include selections of illustrations by Fortunino Matania, Ron Embleton, Don Lawrence, Angus McBride, C L Doughty, Peter Jackson, Severino Baraldi, and lesser known artists such as G W Backhouse and R B Davis. We have also featured some wonderful nursery illustration, of characters such as Dicky and Dolly and Brer Rabbit.

In most cases, the pictures are reproduced from the original artwork. We do hope you will find the time to enjoy a picture show or two.

Picture shows

Have you looked at?

The magazine

Subscriptions to Look and Learn continue to grow. New subscribers automatically receive all back issues, but we only have sufficient back copies for another 1,000 or so subscribers – so, if you know of anyone who has been contemplating a subscription, please encourage them to subscribe soon to avoid disappointment (as they say). Issue no 14 (of the eventual 48) will be going out this week.

Over the last few months more than 500 people took us up on the offer of a box of 100 free copies of Look and Learn. This has been helpful in terms of new subscribers – as well as, doubtless, creating a degree of puzzlement in schools up and down the country.

Art competition

Our art competition also continues to prosper.  A few weeks ago the number of pictures entered exceeded 1,000. Now, we are almost at 1,500. Within a couple of months, we shall, with luck, reach 2,200 – at which point we shall have more pictures in our children’s gallery than are in the National Gallery in London!

We recently set the themes for the next twelve months: sea, vase of flowers, ghost, carnival, lion, flag of the world, wizard, tree house, dragon, fireworks, new superhero, and music. Surely there is something there to appeal to every child you know! (There is no need to wait until a specific month’s competition before entering.)

It is extremely easy to register and enrol children. But, in any case, please enjoy the winners page – which, we think, includes some wonderful paintings.

Art competition winners

The Children’s Newspaper

As you may know, every day, on the website, we are now re-publishing an issue of The Children’s Newspaper, bearing that day’s date, but from a year between 1919 and 1965. We also highlight articles likely to be of particular interest.

The GuardianIn this Saturday’s Guardian there was an excellent article on The Children’s Newspaper and its editor Arthur Mee, which conveys just how extraordinary the paper was/is.

Thank you all for your interest in Look and Learn - I wish you a good summer (or whatever this rainy season in Britain is now called). Finally, I urge you again to pre-order your copy of The Bumper Book of Look and Learn.


Laurence Heyworth, Publisher

Look and Learn Magazine Ltd
54 Upper Montagu Street, London W1H 1SL, UK