Look and Learn

Newsletter No. 2, April 2007


It has been a busy few months since our last newsletter. In January we launched the new printed series of Look and Learn, which gathers together some of the best features and artwork from the original magazine. The launch was accompanied by a round of promotional interviews and features, of which our favourite quote came from Robert McNeil of The Scotsman who bemoaned the fact that “Alas, like so many things, I did not appreciate it until I grew up.” He also said that Look and Learn should be compulsory reading.

The magazine has certainly been a hit with older readers who have fond memories of the original but we are even more pleased to find that it has reached a whole new generation of young fans. I had the pleasure of talking to some of our subscribers recently and, praise for the quality of the magazine aside (although that's always nice to hear), my favourite stories were of how these subscribers' children have taken to the magazine: how one lad flicks rapidly through the magazine to get an idea of what's coming up then goes back to the first page and reads it from cover to cover; how two young girls have decided that the best way to avoid arguments is to take it in turns to open that instantly recognisable red envelope when it lands on their doormat …

Art competition

That the magazine and the website are a hit with youngsters was proven to us in March when the Children's Art Competition suddenly took off. The Competition Gallery is now teeming with colourful, imaginative art, with paintings arriving from as far away as Russia, Iran, India, the Philippines and the USA.

If your own children haven't tried entering yet, perhaps a look through the Gallery will encourage them to have a go. As an added bonus, not only do they get their own personal permanent gallery (which you can access by clicking on the name of the artist), they can rate the artwork on display and send their own artwork to friends and relatives as an e-card.


Steve Holland, Archivist

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