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Look and Learn History Picture Library License images from £2.99

Standard licences

To request a quote for a use not listed below, select None of the above (request a quote) when specifying your intended use. For a more general enquiry, please contact us.

Use   Image size Duration Price
(ex VAT)

Personal study, teaching or web use (low-res)i1 megapixel10 years £ 9.99$ 12.97
Personal study, teaching or private use (high-res)i16+ megapixels10 years £ 25.00$ 32.45
Presentation use (high-res)i8 megapixels10 years £ 30.00$ 38.93
Commercial web use (high-res)i8 megapixels10 years £ 30.00$ 38.93
Scholarly journal use (high-res)i8 megapixelsperpetual £ 50.00$ 64.89
Retail book – low volume – inside use (high-res)i8 megapixels15 years £ 70.00$ 90.85
Magazine or newspaper use (high-res)i8 megapixelsperpetual £ 80.00$ 103.83
Retail book - high volume - inside use (high-res)i8 megapixels15 years £ 90.00$ 116.80
Marketing package (high-res)i16+ megapixels10 years £ 100.00$ 129.78
TV documentary use (high-res)i16+ megapixelsperpetual £ 150.00$ 194.67
TV news (high-res)i16+ megapixelsperpetual £ 160.00$ 207.65

All licences are subject to our general Licensing Terms and Conditions. Invoices will be in pound sterling; prices in other currencies are approximate.

Image sizes

Sizes are given in mexapixels, the same measure used for the image sizes produced by digital cameras. Here’s some reference points for choosing the most appropriate size for your needs:

Size Application
0.75 megapixels Basic projector (1,024 x 768 pixels)
2.1 megapixels HDTV / High Definition TV (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
8.3 megapixels 4K TV (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)
8.7 megapixels A4/Letter print @ 300 dpi

If you intend to crop the image, work out the approximate area scale factor from the crop to the full-size image, then multiply by the megapixel size you require. So if your crop is a quarter of the entire image and you want it at HDTV size, you will need to license a file that is at least 8 megapixels (HDTV @ 2.1 megapixels x 4).


You can pay securely online by credit/debit card or PayPal for immediate download of your licensed images. Or you can send a bank transfer by Faster Payments, SEPA or SWIFT. If you will be purchasing regularly from us, please enquire about credit terms.