Anatomy of the ear, John Cunningham Saunders, 1806

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Anatomy of the ear, John Cunningham Saunders, 1806. Anatomical illustration of the human ear showing Fig 1) Foetus Os Temporis. Fig 2) Individual bones which form chain of connection between the Membrana Tympani and Membrane of the Vestibule. Fig 3) Exterior portion of the Mastoid process and Tympanum. Fig 4) Interior portion of the Mastoid process. Fig 5) Interior Superficies of the Tympanum dissected to show Stapedeus Muscle and the Canal of Bone which lodges the Tensor Membranae Tympani. Fig 6) Skeleton of the interior superficies of the Tympanum (the Mastoid Cells being in outline) that the Fenestra Ovata and Fenestra Rotunda may be seen. Work ID: ycwfr4nx.

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