2a. Tula.

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2a. Tula. Description: Coatepec, the Toltec city in Tula, is represented by a hill with a serpent or snake on it. Water with leaping fish flows from the hill. On the right is Tenoch (known from his glyph of a flowering cactus), the legendary hero who founded Tenochtitlán. On the left is Tochtzin (known from his glyph of a rabbit) from Calpan (known from the glyph of a house with a flag). The two rulers sit on basket-work thrones. Source creator: Tovar, Juan de, ca. 1546-ca. 1626. Source title: Historia de la benida de los yndios apoblar a Mexico de las partes remotas de Occidente los sucessos y perigrinaçiones del camino su gouierno, ydolos y templos dellos, ritos y cirimonias ... calandarios delos tiempos. Source place of publication: Mexico. Source date: ca. 1585. Record number: 30289-86.

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