Pompe funèbre de Philipe de France Roy d’Espagne et des Indes, V du nom, en l’église de Notre Dame de Paris, le XV décembre M D CCXLVI

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Interior view of the cathedral of Notre Dame during the funeral ceremony for Philip V of Spain in Paris, France. Highly decorated interior with vaulted ceilings, stained-glass windows, candelabra, and drapery. On a mezzanine level, large arched niches similar to opera boxes full of seated figures. At the center of each arch, a large ornamented escutcheon surmounted by a crown. At the ground level, crowds of figures sit and stand for the service. An ornate baldachin at right, the columns of which are decorated with many candelabra. At the center of the baldachin is a hanging shroud. Above the baldachin, a large hanging canopy, the fabric of which is decorated with a pattern of diamonds, the top of which is decorated by a skull. A row of monks sit near the baldachin in traditional costume, holding rifles. Altar and bishop at left. Made in: Paris, France. Date: 1750s. Record ID: chndm_1921-6-205-11.

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