The Spanish bull fight – or – the Corsican matador in danger

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The Spanish bull fight - or - the Corsican matador in danger. The sovereigns of Europe, &c, watch from their seats in a bull-ring the Spanish bull tossing Napoleon above its head. The point of his sword projects from the ferocious animal's shoulder. He holds his broken sword, dripping blood, and has a badly gashed thigh. His cocked hat and a paper fall to the ground. A broken collar is round the bull's neck, a few links of a heavy chain still attached to it. The bull tramples on and befouls Joseph Bonaparte, who lies on his back, moribund or dead, in his royal robes, the crown falling from his head. Under his hand is a torn paper. Three bulls, previously disposed of by the Corsican Matador, and horribly gashed, lie on the ground (r.), bellowing. A butcher's ticket is affixed to each. The barrier, an arc of which frames the arena, is inscribed. Behind it, and along the upper margin of the design, sit the sovereigns. On the extreme left. is George III, in military uniform, holding a trident (emblem of sea-power), and peering down impassively through his glass. The back of his (coronation) chair is partly visible. Next him is (?) the Emperor of Austria, gripping the edge of the barrier with a gauntleted hand and with the hilt of his sword projecting from his right hand. Next John, the Regent of Portugal holds up his hat in exultation. He clutches a bottle. Next him, the Tsar bites the corner of a feathered tricorne in his agitation. The King of Prussia grasps a feathered cocked hat, and puts his hand to his mouth. The bellicose King of Sweden wears a fur-trimmed tunic and a fur cap, with a star [the Swedish order]. Two pistols are thrust through his belt. Next is the Pope, wearing his tiara, and holding up his cross. Before him is a paper. He is supported from behind by the Sultan wearing a jewelled turban. Behind the latter is the Dey of 'Algiers' [the word etched across his turban]. Above the design: The Spanish Bull is so remarkable for Spirit, that unless the Matador strikes him Dead at the First Blow the Bull is Sure to destroy him. - vide Barretti's Travels [A Journey from London to Genoa, through England, Portugal, Spain, and France, 1770] (BM). Artist: Gillray, James, 1756-1815. Date: July 1808. Sourced from Digital Commonwealth website.

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