Presages of the millenium

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Presages of the millenium. Pitt as Death on the pale Horse rides naked on the White Horse of Hanover, galloping over the prostrate bodies of pigs. Other pigs, a multitude extending to the horizon, flee before him. On the horse's fringed saddle-cloth is a crown. Pitt is very emaciated, his flaming hair streams behind him encircled by a fillet. In his right hand is a large flaming sword. In his left, he holds the thread-like body of a scaly monster with gaping jaws, webbed wings, and serpent's tail. Behind him on the horse's hind quarters sits a naked imp wearing the feathered coronet of the Prince of Wales, with the motto 'Ich di[en].' He grasps Pitt, and kisses his posterior. In his left hand he holds out a paper. The horse's tail streams out, expanding into clouds, and merging with the flames of Hell which rise from the extreme right. In the tail and flames imps are flying, headed by Dundas holding a pitchfork. He wears a wig and plaid with horns and webbed wings. Behind are three imps: Loughborough, indicated as usual by an elongated judge's wig in back view; Burke, with webbed wings and serpent's tail; and Pepper Arden, wearing a large wig. In the foreground (right), Pitt's opponents are being kicked towards Hell by the horse's hind legs. Fox has just been violently struck in the face, and staggers backwards, clutching a paper. Sheridan lies prone, face downwards, hands raised, as if for mercy. Wilberforce sits on the ground clasping his motion for peace. Behind Fox, Lansdowne looks up from the ground, clenching his fists. On the extreme right the Duke of Norfolk, Lord Stanhope, and the Duke of Grafton are about to plunge into the flames - Fox, in falling, is pushing them over. The title continues: with The Destruction of the Faithful, as Revealed to R Brothers the Prophet & attested by MB Hallhead Esq. And e'er the Last Days began I look'd & behold, a White Horse & his Name who sat upon it was Death & Hell followed after him & Power was given unto him to kill with the Sword & with Famine & with Death; And I saw under him the Souls of the Multitude, those who were destroy'd for maintaining the word of Truth & for the Testimony (BM). Artist: Gillray, James, 1756-1815. Date: June 4, 1795. Sourced from Digital Commonwealth website.

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