Tiddy-doll the great French-gingerbread-baker drawing out a new batch of kings

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Tiddy-doll the great French-gingerbread-baker drawing out a new batch of kings. The title continues: his Man hopping Talley mixing up the Dough. Napoleon is the London street-seller of gingerbread cakes whose wares and patter made him a long-remembered character. He stands in his bakery vigorously drawing out from the arched aperture of his oven a broad shovel (peel) on which are figures of three kings in royal robes holding orb and sceptre. They are Bavaria, Wirtemburg (very fat), and Baden. The keystone of the arch is inscribed. Napoleon, in profile to the right, wears a feathered cocked hat and a white apron over uniform with jack-boots. Behind him is a heap of cannon-balls, with a shovel. Under the oven is a second and larger arched opening. Broken and discarded cakes have been swept into it by a broom, which lies on the ground against a (gingerbread) galleon flying the flag of Venice, a crowned skull (Spain), a boot (Italy), a Papal tiara, a staff and cap of Liberty, a figure, face downwards, showing heavy posteriors in bulky breeches (Holland), and two fragments (Switzerland and Netherlands), a Habsburg eagle with crowns falling from both heads (Austria), a tricolour flag from whose shaft falls a bonnet rouge. There are also sceptres, a rosary, a coroneted skull, and a fleur-de-lis. In the foreground (l.) is a round double-handled basket, from which protrude the heads of men and women puppets wearing crowns or coronets and holding sceptres. Beside it lies a cornucopia in the form of a fool's cap edged with bells. From it pour crowns, coronets, orders, stars, sceptres, a cardinal's hat, three documents with pendent seals. On the extreme right is a solid chest with three drawers. On it stand unbaked figures are crowded together. In the front row: Sheridan, Fox, Moira, Derby. Behind are Burdett, and (?) Tierney. All wear coronets and hold sceptres. Behind (l.), Talleyrand, with his back to his master, bends over trough handling heaps of a yeasty mass. In the r. corner of the trough is a portion that is being devoured by a crowned eagle with a collar (Prussia). Talleyrand wears a mitre over a tricolour cap and a bag-wig; a stole and robes looped up to show a bandy leg and a surgical shoe (incorrectly on the left foot). In his mouth is a pen; a rosary and an ink-pot hang from his waist (BM). Artist: Gillray, James, 1756-1815. Date: January 23, 1806. Sourced from Digital Commonwealth website.

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