Canvassing for votes

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Pl. 2. Canvassing for votes. A rural scene with three inns: "The Portobello" (celebrating the naval victory of 1739 in contrast with the recent loss of Minorca), outside which two veterans sit reminiscing; "The Excise Office" (the Whig stronghold, its name alluding to Walpole's Excise Bill of 1733) with the sign of the Crown and a rioting crowd; and "The Royal Oak" (recalling Tory support for the Stuart monarchy), its sign partly obscured by the banner of "Punch Candidate for Guzzledown" in which the Treasury is being emptied of money that the candidate throws at voters; in the center, a young country gentleman is being bribed by agents of both parties. Artist/Engraver: Hogarth, William, 1697-1764; Grignion, Charles, 1721-1810. Date: (c) February 20, 1757. Sourced from Digital Commonwealth website.

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