Anti-saccharrites – or – John Bull and his family leaving off the use of sugar

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Anti-saccharrites - or - John Bull and his family leaving off the use of sugar. The royal pair setting an example of economy, which appears by no means agreeable to all the family (Wright/Evans). The King, Queen, and six Princesses, three quarter length, are seated round a frugal tea-table. The King, in profile to the right, faces his daughters, holding his cup and saucer to his lips. The Queen sits in the centre behind the small tea-pot, holding her cup and saucer in bony fingers, and looking with a wide and cunning smile towards the Princesses. The Princess Royal sits at the end of the row, on the extreme right, with four sisters diminishing in age on her right, a sixth just indicated behind the Queen. They hold, but do not drink, cups of tea, with expressions varying from sulky discontent to defiant surprise. Below the title is etched, "To the Masters & Mistresses of Families in Great Britain, this Noble Example of Œconomy, is respectfully submitted" (BM). Artist: Gillray, James, 1756-1815. Date: March 27, 1792. Sourced from Digital Commonwealth website.

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