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Caterpillars: 1. deilephilia elpenor; 1a. a dark coloured specimen on yellow bedstraw (galium verum); 2. psyche unicolor; 3. lophopteryx camelina; 4. aglia tau; a. young; b. adult, on beech twig (fagus silvatica); 5. thecla quercus; 6. stauropus fagi; 7. hybocampa milhauseri; 8. catacala sponsa; 9. cheimatobia brumata, on oak twig (quercus pedunculata); 10. eupithecia oblongata; 11. papilio machaon; a. chrysalis, on meadow saxifrage (silaus pratensis); 12. harpyia vinula, on willow (salix vitellina); 13. cucullia scrophulariae, on figwort (Sarophularia nodosa); 14. Caterpillar, Magpie Moth (Abraxas grossulariata); 15. a. a chrysalis, on gooseberry twig (Ribes grossularia); 15. Saturnia pyri, on pear twig (pyrus communis); 16. acronycta alni, om lime twig (Milia parvifolia); 17. Argynnis aglaia, on dog violet (Viola canina); 18. melanargia galatea, on spear grass (poa annua); 19. Zyganea filipendulae, on Red Clover (Trifolium pratense); 20. spintherops spectrum, on broom twig (Spartium scoparium, Cytisus scoparius).

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