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Sponges. A, Thenea Wallichii – a Choristid Tetractinellid; B, Chondrocladia Virgata – a Desmacidine Monaxonid; C, Askonema Setablalense – a Lyssakine Hexactinellid; D, Rossella Velata – a Lyssakine Hexactinellid; E, Luffaria Archeri – a Ceratine Cerospongia; F, Ascandra Sertularia – an Ascon Calcisponge; G, Sycetta Primitiva – a Sycon Calcisponge; H, Sycortis Levigata – a, Sycon Calcisponge; I, Sycometra Ciliata – a Sycon Calcisponge; K, Trichostemma Hemisphericum – a Suberite Monaxonid; L, Ditto, from the Side; M, Cladorhiza Abyssicola – a Desmacidine Monaxonid. Figs. F, G, I, are Magnified; all the rest reduced in Size. Illustration from Cassell's Natural History (Cassell, 1883).

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