Forms of Crosses

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Forms of Crosses. 1, Cross of Calvary, a Cross on Three Steps. 2, Latin Cross, a Cross the Transverse Beam of which is Placed at One-Third of the Distance from the Top of the Perpendicular Portion supposed to be the Form of Cross on which Christ Suffered. 3, Tau Cross (So called from beign Formed like the Greek Letter T, Tau), or Cross of St Anthony, One of the most Anceint Forms of the Cross. 4, Cross of Lorraine. 5, Patriarchal Cross. 6, St Andrew's Cross, the Form of Cross on which St Andrew, the National Saint of Scotland, is said to have Suffered. 7, Greek Cross, or Cross of St George, the National Saint of England, the Red Cross which appears on British Flags. 8, Papal Cross. 9, Cross Nowy Quadrat, that is, having a Square Expansion in the Centre. 10, Matlese Cross, Formed of Four Arrow-Heads meeting at the Points; the Badge of the Knights of Malta. 11, Cross Fourchee or Froked. 12, Cross Pattee or Formee. 13, Cross Potent or Jerusalem Cross. 14, Cross Fleury, from the Fleurs de Lis at its Ends. Illustration for Blackie's Modern Cyclopedia (1899).

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