Battle of Agincourt

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Battle of Agincourt.  The main picture shows Henry V riding along the lines of archers before the commencement of the battle of Agincourt.  He is mounted on a small grey mare, a dainty creature quite unsuited to battle.  Behind him is the mighty war-horse which he rode throughout the battle, shown here in the custody of one of Henry's squires.  Behind the war-horse is yet another squire who carried Henry's helmet with the jewelled crown.  Top right inset shows a portrait of Henry V based on that in the National Portrait Gallery.  Top left shows the positioins of the armies at Agincourt, with the English in red, and the French in black.  The monumental brasses are those of Thomas Lord Camoys and his wife.  Original artwork for illustrations on pp20-21 of Look and Learn issue no 498 (31 July 1971).  Lent to Look and Learn for scanning by The Gallery of Illustration.

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