The General who Never Lost a Battle

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The General who Never Lost a Battle.  In the night of 21/22 June 1941, Adolph Hitler launched the most powerful force the world had ever seen against Stalin's Russia.  It would be all over by the end of the year, he thought ... wrongly.  While the German army was headed by General Friedrich von Paulus (a former planning officer at the German General Staff), he was no match for General Georgi Zhukov, whose reputation as the general who never lost a battle was forged in the heat of battle.  After the battle of Stalingrad, Zhukov was Russia's undisputed military genius.  Although he argued with Stalin over tactics (see inset), ke kept a good relationship with him up to the end of the war.  And when it came to the final assault on Berlin, Hitler's capital, it was to Zhukov that the honour of leading the attack was given.  Original artwork.

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