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Bibby and BobbyBilly Brock and FriendsBilly the Blue TitBizzy BeaverBunny CuddlesBuster the Little CowboyChalky the Blackboard BoyCharlie ChipmunkDagwood DuckDennis and Doris, the Baby DucklingsDicky DormouseDicky and Dolly DucklingDinky and BinkyThe Dolly GirlsDouglas DachshundDumpy the DwarfThe Enchanted HouseFerdy FoxFlip and FluffFlipper the PenguinFliptail the OtterFlopsy FlufftailFreddie FrogFun in ToylandThe Gay GordonsGregory GrasshopperHappy HedgehogHarold HareJack and JillJolly JinglesJumpy the KangarooLinda and her Magic Bubble MixThe Little Friends of Frances PittThe Little HorsesLittle Red SquirrelLittle ScootyMary and the ElvesMax Bravo, the Happy HussarMeet The BeansMimi and MarmyMoony from the MoonNurse Susan and Doctor DavidNutty NoddleOur GangOut And About With Uncle BenPaddy-Paws the PuppyPaul EnglishPeggy The PigletPeriwinkle, the Little MermaidPeter and Pearl, the MerbabiesPeter PuffinPeter PuppetPinkie PuffPixie PipPrince the Wonder DogPrincess MarigoldPrincess PetalRichard LionRip, Pip and TipThe Rolling StonesSally SquirrelSilly BillySimon and SallyThe Smith Family AlbumSnugglesSonny and SallyStar the Little FoalSue CarterTeddy and CuddlyTeddy BearThere Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a ShoeTiny TalesThe Tumblies of Tumble TownWalter Hottle BottleWendy and her Toby JugWillie WizzWillow WoodWink and BlinkWinnie PegThe Wonderful Island of Yum
Pixie Pip

Pixie Pip

The Merry Stories of Pixie Pip take place in Toadstool Town. Pip is the most inquisitive pixie in town, much to the amusement of all his friends. A curious smell coming from the cellar of Mr Candy's shop causes Pip to fall into the sweet mix; blowing on a whistle he finds brings out the whole Toadstool Town police force; and taking a look inside a removal van causes a chair and other furniture to roll all the way down the high street. But you can be sure that every tale will end with a smile and with Pip signing off "Your merry friend."

Most of the pixies are named are named after their jobs (Mr Doorman Pixie, the doorman, Mr. Mayor Pixie, the mayor, etc.), but on 17 May 1958, Pip introduced his friend Petal, so named because she wears a flower hat. Another special friend was Caroline, a girl from the Big World where Pip was blown one Christmas Day (1959), after which he had as many adventures outside Pixieworld as he did in. In 1960, we were introduced to Mr and Mrs Popple, who became very good friends, although Mr Popple was as clumsy as he was helpful.

Appeared inJack and Jill (1958-73)
First Appearance18 January 1958
FormatComic strip in line & wash
ArtistGordon Hutchings / Terry Willers / others