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Animal heroes: Wonderful Wendy

Posted in Adventure, Dogs on Thursday, 31 May 2007

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Wonderful Dog Wendy (illustration, picture: Robert Brook)

Wendy was just twelve months old when the R.S.P.C.A. found her a good home with the Bolding family of Weymouth, Dorset. She was a friendly little dog, but extremely nervous. Nine-year-old Nigel Bolding took her for walks, so that she would get to know her new surroundings and become used to the busy roads and traffic.

One day, in February 1966, Nigel and Wendy were exploring the heathland at Bowleaze Cove when Nigel slipped down a steep bank and fell into a quagmire at the bottom. Wendy was panic-stricken and barked with fear as the treacherous mud slowly sucked poor Nigel down. Soon only his head and shoulders could be seen …

Back at the Bolding home, Mrs. Bolding was very surprised when a bedraggled and muddy Wendy ran up to the door. There was no sign of Nigel, but Mrs. Bolding felt sure he must be fairly near. Wendy was much too nervous to go far on her own. But the dog’s demeanour told her that something was wrong. Wendy plainly wanted to take her somewhere. Quickly she followed the little dog, and was amazed when they crossed the busy main road and arrived at the cove — a mile and a half from home. There, they found an extremely muddy Nigel being pulled out of the bog by a man and woman who had been passing. Wendy had helped in more ways than she had realised, because her frantic barking had attracted their attention.

The R.S.P.C.A. were so proud of Wendy that they presented their special plaque to the Bolding family in recognition of her quick and brave conduct.

2 comments on “Animal heroes: Wonderful Wendy”

  1. 1. Peter Gray says:

    dogs are so loyal what an amazing story…
    a cat would be useless as a pet in these situations 🙂

  2. 2. brianhluk says:

    [quote comment=”67″]dogs are so loyal what an amazing story…
    a cat would be useless as a pet in these situations :)[/quote]

    Oh I don’t know about that. One of our cats woke my wife up from her afternoon nap with loud meows, and when she looked out the windows of our flat she saw fire engines which had arrived to put out the fire that someone had set in the flat’s bin store!

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