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The best pictures of Lenin

Posted in Best pictures, Communism, Historical articles, History, Politics, Revolution on Monday, 31 August 2015

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The best pictures of Lenin show Soviet propaganda as well as the Russian revolutionary communist planning the Revolution.
The first picture shows Lenin and his supporters at a secret meeting.

Lenin, picture, image, illustration

Lenin takes control of the Russian Revolution by John Keay

The second picture shows a powerful Soviet propaganda portrait of Lenin.

Lenin, picture, image, illustration

Lenin (1870-1924), Russian Bolshevik revolutionary

The third picture shows a disguised Lenin being challenged by a Provisional Government soldier in Petrograd.

Lenin, picture, image, illustration

Lenin disguised himself with a brown wig and wrapped a bandage around his face to escape arrest in Petrograd during August 1917

Many more pictures of the Russian Revolution can be found at the Look and Learn picture library.

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