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The god of all the Greek gods was mighty Zeus

Posted in Ancient History, Legend, Myth, Religion on Saturday, 21 December 2013

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This edited article about Greek mythology first appeared in Look and Learn issue number 500 published on 14 August 1971.

Zeus, picture, image, illustration

The statue of Zeus at Olympia

Zeus was chief of all the Greek gods; the Romans knew him as Jove or Jupiter. The course of all human affairs was directed by him, and his throne and the seat of the rest of the gods was on Mount Olympus. He was lord of the winds and rain and of thunder and lightning, and he is usually portrayed holding thunderbolts and with a crown of leaves. There are innumerable stories about him and his wife Hera, who was jealous of his interest in other goddesses and mortal women. Zeus knew everything and saw everything, and the Greeks regarded him as a kindly ruler who was often capable of pity as well as wrath. He was the god of the family, of friendship and the god-protector of all Greece.

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