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The parable of the sower

Posted in Bible, Parables, Religion on Sunday, 30 January 2011

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Sowing seed on the path, among thorns, on rocky ground and fertile soil, by Clive Uptton

Jesus told several parables, some more complicated than others. The parable of the sower is simple in narrative detail and the message it clothes. When a farmer sows seed on inappropriate terrain the results are predictable, whether the plants wither for lack of soil or choke to death among thorny weeds. Only when the soil is good does the farmer see a decent crop, and this multiplies with each harvest. The seed is the Word in its various stages of understanding and acceptance, be it one of shallowness or one of deeply rooted vitality yielding rich and plentiful fruit. In the gospel of St Matthew, the poor birds which take the seed from the road are likened to the devil confounding potential believers.

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