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Bali tiger

Posted in Nature on Monday, 30 April 2007

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Bali tiger

The now extinct Bali Tiger (Panthera tigris balica) was the smallest of all tiger subspecies. The last was shot in 1937. All tigers are now at risk, but the subspecies at each end of the size range are the most seriously endangered animals. After the Bali Tiger, the Javan was the smallest subspecies: it is now one of the rarest of all cats. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Siberian or Amur Tiger, which is the largest of all cats; some exceptional animals have been measured at 335 cm in length and 318 kilos in weight. Due to human predation, there are few left.

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  1. 1. Faith says:

    According to Wikipedia, the Balinese Tiger was declared extinct on 27 September 1937 and most of its closest relatives (like the Sumatran Tiger) are also close to extinction. If the planet was a test, Mankind wouldn’t be scoring many points.

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