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Some fish have behavioural eccentricities and even try to fly

Posted in Fish, Nature, Oddities, Wildlife on Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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This edited article about fish originally appeared in Look and Learn issue number 655 published on 3 August 1974.

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The upside-down Catfish (top row, second from left)

Catfish get their name from the long “feelers” or barbels which are supposed to resemble the whiskers of a cat.

One of the biggest, known as the Wels, is a native of Eastern Europe and grows up to 10 feet long.

Perhaps the most extraordinary is the “upside-down” catfish. It has the remarkable habit of turning completely upside-down and swimming along like this for some time before reverting to a normal swimming position.

Another curious kind is the “glass” catfish which is almost completely transparent when young and even when it becomes adult, the only visible colouring is around the head.

In a fish-tank, it looks exactly like a swimming skeleton.

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