The best pictures of Richard Coeur de Lion

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The best pictures of Richard Coeur de Lion or the Lionheart depict the mediaeval king as an implacable foe of the infidel and idealised Christian knight. The first picture of Richard the Lionheart depicts the fearless king heroically cutting down the infidel during the First Crusade.

The Lionheart, picture, image, illustration

King Richard the Lionheart by Peter Jackson

The second picture of Richard Coeur de Lion shows the King of England engaging in battle with Saladin and his forces.

Richard the Lionheart, picture, image, illustration

Richard the Lionheart

The third picture of Richard I known as the Lionheart depicts an iconic Christian Prince on horseback, the emblem of the red cross enblazoned across his armour.

Richard Coeur de Lion, picture, image, illustration

Richard de Coeur de Lion by F Stocks May

Many more pictures relating to Richard Coeur de Lion can be found at the Look and Learn picture library.

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