Jesus yielding up the ghost

Posted in Bible, Religion on Sunday, 31 July 2011

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The protracted agony of Jesus on the cross is marked by various incidents related in the Gospels.

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Jesus yields up the Ghost, by William Hole

His conversation with the other crucifixion victims gives us a last glimpse of the Teacher and the Man, and contains the final words of His Ministry on earth before the Resurrection. But thereafter the hours of His slow death are only distinguished by the casual cruelty of a Roman soldier, the abject helplessness of the onlookers and the Seven Last Words on the Cross uttered with intense anguish by the abandoned figure broken by His fate and forsaken by His Father. Not long after this He yields up the ghost, and the world grows dark as the earth trembles and the temple curtain is rent. Only then does a nearby Roman soldier acknowledge the truth of Christ’s lineage, that He was the Son of God.

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