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Look and Learn History Picture Library Image from the history picture library


William Caxton

Picture library

Licences to use our images are available as follows:

  • For personal (including educational) purposes, click on the License or FREE! button under your chosen image to add it to your shopping cart. You may also add multiple images to a project and then add all of them to your shopping cart in one go. Payment may be made online by PayPal or by UK cheque. Please read our terms and conditions for personal licensing.
  • Most of our images may be licensed for commercial purposes through the The Bridgeman Art Library by clicking on the Commercial licence link under your chosen image.
  • To enquire about licensing any other images we have, please click on the Commercial use link under your chosen image and complete our online request form.

Other licensable materials

As well as images, we are willing to license text, puzzles, educational comic strips and comic characters to publishers and others for re-printing, adaptation or other uses. There are few subjects of perennial interest to children that were not covered in Look and Learn or its junior version Treasure; The Children’s Newspaper is a unique record of the most eventful years of the twentieth century; and magazines such as Jack and Jill and Playhour contain an abundance of material capable of delighting the very young. Please contact us with an outline of your areas of interest.

Excluding the rights to certain comic strips (including The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire) which remain with IPC Media Ltd, we now own the rights to the following magazines, listed here in chronological order: The Children’s Newspaper (1919-65), Robin (1953-69), Swift (1954-63), Jack and Jill (1954-85), Playhour (1954-87), Harold Hare (1959-64), Look and Learn (1962-82), Treasure (1963-71), Teddy Bear (1963-73), The Bible Story (1964), Ranger (1965-66), Once Upon a Time (1969-73), Speed and Power (1974-75), and World of Knowledge (1980-81). Look and Learn also owns the rights to the annuals and other books associated with these magazines, and the annuals and books for the magazines Tell Me Why and World of Wonder.

All the rights we own were acquired from IPC Media Ltd. IPC Media’s and its predecessors’ normal business practice, in common with most other children's magazine publishers at the time, was to acquire all rights from writers and illustrators. Consequently, the copyright position on most of this material is unusually clear. However, in the case of certain adaptations, where the underlying work is still in copyright, Look and Learn’s copyright is obviously limited to the literary adaptation and illustrations.

Children’s art

Look and Learn runs an online children’s art gallery. Most of the pictures in the gallery are available for commercial licensing on the basis that half the net income will go to the child and the other half will be added to the art competitions prize fund. If necessary, pictures can be re-touched or re-drawn to meet specific requirements. We are also able to host online art competitions for third parties. Please contact us with your detailed requirements.