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Look and Learn History Picture Library

History picture library collections

Most of our images are available for personal or commercial licensing, and as high quality prints, cards and posters. We also have several hundred pieces of featured original artwork for sale.

Look and Learn Peter Jackson London Collection Valerie Jackson Harris Collection Rosenberg Collection
Look and Learn
157,884 images New
Peter Jackson London Collection
21,608 images New
Valerie Jackson Harris Collection
5,173 images New
Rosenberg Collection
4,011 images
Bernard Platman Antiquarian Barbara Loe Collection Elgar Collection Naylon Maritime Collection
Bernard Platman Antiquarian
1,830 images
Barbara Loe Collection
1,107 images
Elgar Collection
16,162 images
Naylon Maritime Collection
369 images
Ohana Collection Paula Davies Brian Christie Collection George Collection
Ohana Collection
245 images
Paula Davies
58 images
Brian Christie Collection
484 images
George Collection
97 images
Illustrated Papers Collection      
Illustrated Papers Collection
85,777 images
143,911 images

External collections

Bridgeman Education Mary Evans Library of Congress  
Bridgeman Education
63,061 images
Mary Evans
59,279 images
Library of Congress
21,571 images
Look and Learn Treasure The Bible Story Ranger
Look and Learn
5,245 images
3,572 images
The Bible Story
131 images
103 images
Educational annuals etc Nursery papers Nursery annuals etc The Children’s Newspaper
Educational annuals etc
648 images
Nursery papers
1,206 images
Nursery annuals etc
319 images
The Children’s Newspaper
41 images
Original artwork Trigan Empire    
Original artwork
1,176 images
Trigan Empire
118 images