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Moses breaks the Tablets

Posted in Bible, Religion on Thursday, 28 April 2011

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When Moses returns from Mount Sinai he is horrified and disgusted to find the Israelites in a frenzy of pagan idolatry.

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Moses breaks the Tablets, by Clive Uptton

In his absence the chief instigators have gathered people’s gold and melted it down to produce the notorious pagan idol called the Golden Calf, which in their folly they are all now falling down before, and worshipping with unthinking abandon, as well as dancing and feasting to celebrate their new god. It is this appalling sight which greets Moses, and no amount of excuses from the ineffectual Aaron can placate him. His sense of moral outrage compels him to dash to the ground the two great Tablets bearing God’s Commandments, and shatter them to pieces. He then sets about destroying the idol,  and when he has done so begs God’s forgiveness for the Israelites.

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